Diversity is a key success factor of our organization, that enables the innovation and productivity.

At Al Razi Pharmacy LLC, we strive to create diverse culture for all employees.

Al Razi Pharmacy LLC is one of the leading provider of pharmaceuticals Distribution, Medical devices, equipment’s and Retail Management.

Al Razi Pharmacy LLC was established in 1985

In November 2018, AL RAZI PHARMACY LLC completed the acquisition of the major shareholding in AL ZAHRAA LLC making AL RAZI PHARMACY LLC as one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in Oman.

The Company manages its Logistics operations through their extensive network of temperature-controlled warehousing and fleet management. AL RAZI PHARMACY LLC products are distributed from its 2000 square meters central facility at Al Misfah serving over 600 outlets nationwide.

The Company benefits from the service of over 50 employees from more than 10 nationalities. The company is proud of its success and promotes its Management by objectives MBO.

The Company encourages every employee to “Make A Difference”. The Company operates through General Managers for Brand Solutions, Retail Solutions and Direct Distribution. All Divisions are P/L responsible and operate rigorously to KPI parameters that are regularly assessed.

Dr. Mahmoud El Shabrawy
General Manager


Al Razi Pharmacy LLC was established in 1985


from more than 10 Nationalities.


square meters
Central Facility
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