Zinc Olive Cream

Skin soothing cream for diaper area.


Skin Soothing Cream for diaper area.

Skin care and protection     



Cream: 10% Zinc Oxide in a cream base of olive and castor oils.

Size: 75 g



Cream: Plastic tube containing 75 g of the cream.

Lotion: plastic bottles of 60 ml each + insert leaflet.


Dosage Adminstration

Apply a thin layer of zinc olive cream or lotion to the dry, clean and affected area with gentle rubbing. In case of diaper rash zinc olive cream or lotion should be applied with each diaper change, before sun exposure to protect the skin from sunburn and ultraviolet radiations.


Indication Usage

  • Diaper rash and napkin dermatitis.
  • Physical sunscreen.
  • Sunburn, mild burns and superficial skin conditions.

Soothing and protective application in eczema  and slight excoriation and wounds.



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