Tummy Pulse

Tummy Toning Device – EMS technology

Tummy Toning Device – EMS technology

  • Tummy Toning
  • Muscle Strengthening
  • Muscle Motion Improvement
  • Boosts Metabolism


Benefits of TUMMY PULSE

Modern lifestyle has decreased the level of activities done by your body. You may have ignored the body parts that need care and have to be strong as well as well-toned. In addition, sitting for long hours and consuming unhealthy or preserved food make your tummy bloated. It lowers the confidence in you, makes the tummy muscles weak and decreases the metabolism.

Companio’s Tummy Pulse is an abdominal toning belt that tones the tummy, makes tummy muscles strong and boosts your metabolism. A well-toned body increases your confidence with people and at places, so you will not need to hide that tummy bloat.

Tummy Pulse helps in

  • Toning the tummy muscles
  • Helps in relaxing muscles
  • Increase muscle strength.
  • Improves the metabolism – a process that improves digestion and facilitates the transportation of necessary substances to different cells of the body.

Just 20 minutes a day can assist in maintaining your tummy shape and in improving overall due to reinforced digestion health.



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