• Non-Invasive Device
  • Natural Solution
  • No Side-Effects
  • Works Instantly
  • Slim Design
  • Simple To Use
  • Easy To Carry
  • Ultra Durable Electronics
  • Low Power Consumption

Body Pulse NEXT | Companio

Relief in Multiple Body Pains Naturally

Body Pulse Next comes with the dual power of EMS and TENS technology which is scientifically proven to be safer than any other measures used for Body Pain Management and for Muscle Rehabilitation.

How does it help?

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Gives relief in neuropathic pain
  • Alleviates osteoarthritis pain
  • Relief in chronic and acute body pain
  • To provide paralytic nervous activation
  • Helps in Muscle strengthening
  • Gives relief in varicose veins

How to USE IT?

  • Sit comfortably on a chair, bed or sofa
  • Put your feet on the footpads
  • Switch on the device with the power button
  • Select Program 1 for Blood Circulation and Muscle Stimulation or Program 2 for Body Pain Management
  • Plug the wire of electrode patches in the socket and place the patches on the targeted area of the body
  • Adjust the intensity to your comfort level
  • Get the benefits of Body Pulse Next?s therapy
Body Pulse Next 1


Program 1 works on EMS

  • Program 1, EMS sends mild, regulated therapeutic impulses to contract and expand muscles to improve blood circulation
  • Constant and regular muscle stimulation helps in opening blockages in the arteries and veins to increase blood circulation which helps in muscle rehabilitation.
  • Increased circulation results in adequate amounts of oxygen and nutrients reaching the muscles to make them healthy, pain-free and supple.


  • Increased blood circulations
  • Relief in muscle cramps
  • Relief in muscle spasms
  • Muscle Toning
  • Muscle Strengthening
  • Relief in Varicose veins

Program 2 works on TENS

  • Body Pulse Next sends mild and regulated electrical impulses in the form of stimulating pulses over the surface of the skin into nerve endings
  • These electrical impulses release natural pain-killing hormones called endorphins
  • It blocks pain messages from reaching the brain, which reduces pain quickly


  • Neuropathic Pain
  • Osteoarthritis pain
  • Foot Pain
  • Leg Pain
  • Muscle Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Sciatica Pain
  • Shoulder Pain

Back Pulse | Companio

Back Pain Relief Device ? EMS technology

  • Relief in Back Pain
  • Back strength build-up
  • Revitalized Back motion

Benefits of BACK PULSE

Your back is your endurance to stand straight and strong wherever you go or represent. Daily activities can lay the stress weight on your back. Continuous sitting on a chair, lifting heavy objects, standing for long hours or sudden movement of the back can cause unbearable back pain. It can also make you look clumsy, ungraceful and powerless.

Companio?s Back Pulse is a back pain-relieving belt that can effectively helps your back to be free from pain and perform the activities you love. It gently soothes your back with its therapeutic impulses so it can feel very comfortable and ease the pain out.

Back Pulse helps to

  • Reduce Back Pain
  • Build Back Strength
  • Improve Back Movement
  • Alleviate Night Back Pain

Only 14 minutes? therapy in a day can release you from back pain. Back Pulse is a very comfortable product without any harmful side effects.

Knee Pulse | Companio

Knee Pain Relief device ? TENS technology

  • Reduces knee Osteoarthritis pain
  • Reduces Inflammation of knees
  • Helps increase muscle strength
  • Boosts blood circulation and stimulates nerves around knee
  • Helps in slowing down or preventing joint damage with pain relief

Benefits of KNEE PULSE

The TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) therapy is primarily used to heal acute and chronic pain conditions. For knee pain treatment, this therapy is extremely effective as it prevents pain signals from reaching the brain and stimulates body to produce endorphins that act as natural pain killer.

Knee Pulse is a non-invasive and non-addictive technique that provides long term relief from knee pain and swelling. Instead of trying other knee pain remedies, use Knee Pulse as it is also clinically tested and is totally devoid of any side effects. Usage of Knee Pulse for 30 minutes once a day can be very effective for knee joint pain treatment.

Knee Pulse helps relieve

  • Arthritis in Knee
  • Swollen Knees
  • Acute Knee Pain
  • Clots
  • Immobility in limbs

Get rid of sleepless night and reduced physical activity due to nagging knee pain. Choose Knee Pulse and bring activity and liveliness in your life.

Tummy Pulse | Companio

Tummy Toning device ? EMS technology

  • Tummy Toning
  • Muscle Strengthening
  • Muscle Motion Improvement
  • Boosts Metabolism

Benefits of TUMMY PULSE

Modern lifestyle has decreased the level of activities done by your body. You may have ignored the body parts that need care and have to be strong as well as well-toned. In addition, sitting for long hours and consuming unhealthy or preserved food make your tummy bloated. It lowers the confidence in you, makes the tummy muscles weak and decreases the metabolism.

Companio?s Tummy Pulse is an abdominal toning belt that tones the tummy, makes tummy muscles strong and boosts your metabolism. A well-toned body increases your confidence with people and at places, so you will not need to hide that tummy bloat.

Tummy Pulse helps in

  • Toning the tummy muscles
  • Helps in relaxing muscles
  • Increase muscle strength.
  • Improves the metabolism ? a process that improves digestion and facilitates the transportation of necessary substances to different cells of the body.

Just 20 minutes a day can assist in maintaining your tummy shape and in improving overall due to reinforced digestion health.


One device made for any type of pain-numbing application

Designed & developed by a team of innovators after extensive R&D and numerous trials, Exocool is a non-invasive pain-numbing device that makes vaccines and injections painless, with just a touch.

A Revolutionary Pain-Numbing Device

With Exocool, say goodbye to the fear, pain and discomfort of the sharp prick of injection needles. Its cryo-numbing mechanism numbs the area of application in just 8-10 seconds without the use of any medicines or chemicals. Thus, making an injection practically painless. Exocool is made for diverse applications across pediatrics, cosmetic procedures, pathology labs, clinics and at-home use too. All you need to do is ? freeze it, apply it to the area of injection, and inject it.

Reliable, Convenient and Effective

1 Device Effective for 1500 Injections
Exocool?s metal tip is made of medical-grade aluminum alloy that makes it skin-friendly, safe and ideal for use on all skin types. It takes about 4-6 seconds to numb sensitive skin and 8-10 seconds to numb normal skin. For optimum use and effective application every time, we recommend storing Exocool in a deep freezer at a temperature below -12?C.

Targeted Cryo-Numbing Mechanism

In simple terms, cryo-numbing mechanism is the use of extremely cold temperature to numb an area on the body. At -9?C, the metal tip of Exocool numbs the neurons at the site of application. That too, without the use of any medicines or chemicals.
One Solution for All Kinds of Needle Pain
  • Pediatric: Children and babies have skin that is much more sensitive to pain as compared to adults. And when you add to that fear of sharp needles, we know it?s a story that always ends in pain and tears. Which is why, when distractions and tricks won?t work, Exocool will. Painless injections and vaccines with the use of Exocool will make visits to the Pediatrician feel all the more child- friendly.
  • Cosmetic: Any invasive cosmetic procedure (like botox, face and brow lifts or even hair transplant) involves several rounds of needle pricks and injections. And with several rounds of injection comes heightened pain and inflammation too. And with a pain-numbing device like Exocool, the pursuit of beauty can now be made a lot less painful.
  • Pathology Labs: Collecting blood samples can be especially painful because the thicker-than-usual needle is inserted in a vein. Just a touch of Exocool?s pain-numbing metal tip can reduce the patient?s anxiety around needles and the pain caused by them.
  • Insulin/ Diabetic: Diabetes patients, who rely on insulin injection daily (several times a day in some cases) develop inflammation at the site of injection due to pain. Exocool helps the patients to numb the area before injecting, making the injection painless and drastically reducing the chances of inflammation.
  • Vaccination: Whether it is scheduled vaccination for children or required vaccination for adults before international travel. The use of Exocool during vaccination makes the whole process painless and makes it a comfortable experience.
  • Multiple Clinic Applications: In several treatments for various illnesses, during hospitalization a patient is given medicines through injections and intravenous. Here too, Exocool?s pain-numbing helps in improving a patient?s overall experience of treatment.

Exocool ? An Integral Part of Various Clinical Practices

Being a non-invasive pain-numbing device, Exocool has gained several doctors? attention and trust. Owing to its effectiveness and convenience, it has become an important part of their medical practice.

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